Copy the entire BOLD text of the title of the pipe and paste it … Castello Tobacco Pipe Sea Rock Briar KKKK: Condition: Used. The Sea Rock briar bowl and stem arein excellent condition showing very gentle use. This next pipe on the table came to us in a group of pipes that we purchased at the end of 2019 from a fellow in Los Angeles, California, USA. : CA3366. DIMENSIONS: Length: 129 mm / 5.08 in Weight: 44 gr / 1.55 oz Chamber Depth: 32 mm / 1.26 in Chamber Diameter: 17 mm / 0.67 in Bowl Diameter: 43 mm / 1.7 in Castello Estate Pipe Sea Rock Briar Hawkbill 84. Castello Pipe Sea Rock Briar KK Made In Cantù Italy Apple. The brand is especially famous for its stunning rustications, not least the unique and cool smoking “Sea Rock” style, but even their polished and sandblasted pipes have their own strong personality. Vendita Pipe e accessori per fumatori tradizione e competenza dal 1927. Noli Leonardo. In 1982 the company changed from the use of the large upper case K grading to a small lower case k within an oval ( 2 k or greater ) or circle for single k grades. Many thanks to Marco Parascenzo and Marty Pulvers for their assistance in getting this pipe to me, completing my seven day set. Each pipe is made by hand by one of six artisans, from aged briar and slab acrylic (in different colors). ICHIBAN DIPPER 652 views. Castello Sea Rock Briar: Dicono di Noi; Shop on Line. Unsmoked. Castello Sea Rock Castello Sea Rock Briar (Trade Mark) has been the first mark used by Carlo Scotti during his very first manufacture, since 1947. Briar Blues Insiders. Ga naar primaire In late 1979 the Castello was as popular and difficult to come by as ever. The faux diamond logo was created and used primarily for the US market for many years. Castello. Castello pipes would take Carlo Scotti from a tiny artisan studio and anonymity, to a state of the art production facility and the peak of the pipe world. Pipes. "I run a craftsman's shop, not a factory, my pipes are works of art, fruit of expert hands, heart and fantasy" - Carlo Scotti. Pipe Nuove. ... Castello Sea Rock Briar pipe. ?.00 Old Antiquari – 900.00, “Castello” – ?? Castello. €280.00. Switch from large K to small k in an oval. It’s not on many pieces. Twitter . Made in Cantu. The Old Sea Rock and the Sea Rock co-existed. Old Antiquari . Collection Great Line Fiammata Bent Billiard (KK) (with Pres... Collection Occhio di Pernice Bent Dublin (KK), Old Antiquari Liverpool with Briar Shank (GG), Old Antiquari Paneled Bent Billiard (KKKK), Collection Aristocratica Great Line Fiammata Bent Dublin, 'Castello' Bent Dublin with Silver (KKKK), Sea Rock Briar Great Line Bent Dublin (KKKK). Knowing how to work at the right moment, not before or after. It may be seen on a variety of finishes, that may have a unique carved section or some other interesting feature. Send your e-mail request to: Include your name, contact information, complete address with zip code, and the pipe you want. Replaced by Great Line, although still used on huge pipes. Write a … We use cookies to provide you the best experience. It is a Castello Sea Rock Briar and it is a Billiard shape to – both pluses in my book. Last items in stock. Carlo Scotti, since founding the company in 1947, has hired craftsmen that produce pipes beautifully shaped, finished, and top-notch in all aspects. © 2000-2021 Laudisi Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. Latest Arrivals On Sale Now Shop. We offer one the largest selections of Castello pipes on the web. The Sea Rock goes back to the early days. In the beginning the Castello Sea Rock Briar had a rather chunky carving style, which over the years changed to a more delicate look. Shape numbers. The passion of artisan maker, Carlo Scotti, Castello heralded the rebirth of the Italian pipe. NEW PIPES. "Pipa Castello" was born in 1947 in the artisan workshop of Carlo Scottiin Via Fossano, in Cantù, with the target to produce pipes which could be placed at the very top of quality and perfection from both the technical and aesthetical side. Noli Leonardo. 4 New It is quite rare.LOB = is part of a large collection that the factory just re-purchased and they stamped with LOB (Legendary old briar), The information gathered on this page comes from a variety of sources on the internet and through emails and conversations. Castello still occasionally put rhinestones in the mouthpieces, just to maintain it’s value as a trademark. The Floppy Tobacco Shop offers its customers a vast assortment of pipes, Tabac, lighters, cigars, smoking accessories. Up for Auction: Classic Castello SC54 Sea Rock Briar Pipe. Lower grades as Sea Rock, Old Antiquari or Trade Mark pipes are near impossible to date. Castello Pipes Beloved worldwide for their stunning finishes & expert craftsmanship, Castello produces around 3,500 pipes a year, and are collected and sought after all over the world. This quality means many things which are hard to explain. Lista dei desideri. Which shop had it first? Offer Sent! Stem Material: Acrylic. Below it is a wonderful red Trademark acquired in Richmond, 2005. Castello Pipe - Made In Italy. Big Line – stamp used from 1968 – 1972. Castello pipes have a tremendous and loyal following of smokers and collectors. SEA ROCK BRIAR . ... Lanzola Pipes & Co. Ubicazione Negozio: Via XXII Luglio, 20/A 43121 Parma - Italy – mail: Bit retains all its blackness with intactinset jewel - there are no teeth chatter or indentations. ?.00, kk – ?? Castello Sea Rock Briar KKKK, modello Dublin con cannello quadro... Ultimi articoli in magazzino. Castello Sea Rock KKKK Tobacco Pipe 11769. Shape numbers are all 2 digits. Castello Sea Rock Bent Billiard (KK) Silver Banded, Excellent condition However once Castello began it’s working relationship with The Wally Frank Co a different stem logo was required, as The Wally Frank Co had a line of pipes named White Bar. The black dot logo is used on Castello pipes with white Lucite stems. Add this product to my list of favorites. Sea Rock is the classic Castello's carved finish and is inspired by the shapes created on the rock by the erosion of the sea. Noli Leonardo. Fascinated by the drafts that the erosion of the waves created on the rocks, Carlo sought to transport that idea to the bowl of his pipes. However the photo’s appear to have pipes with Lucite stems. Castello is in my opinion the cream of italian pipe makers, started in 1947 by Carlo Scotti in Cantu Italy, his goal was create a top grade pipe that could be sold worlwide The pipes are magnificent, with a price range to suit every pocket & you will not be disapointed with a Castello, they h Castello Nuove; Castello special ... Castello Sea Rock Briar KK. It is a great day to work on pipes. This listing is for a Castello Sea Rock Briar estate pipe, Zulu, 35/A with a fish tail bit. SKU: EP-005-0677 | UPC: EP-005-0677. This quality means many things which are hard to explain. Pipe Nuove. WARNING: does not sell tobacco or tobacco related products to anyone under the age of 18, nor do we sell cigarettes. Total Categories Pipes Castello CASTELLO Sea Rock Briar KKKK. A 2 in front indicates a “fancy” interpretation, a 3 in front means that the carving is somehow unique. Castello Sea Rock Briar is the first mark used by Carlo Scotti during his very first manufacture, since 1947. ... Lanzola Pipes & Co. Ubicazione Negozio: Via XXII Luglio, 20/A 43121 Parma - Italy – mail: For smooth pipes to indicate a combination of grain quality and size. Used. The Natural Vergin were issued in 1967 first but only in 1985 they started to be produced in series only on the natural carved pipes. 1987 – the 40th anniversary Castello begins the number within a castle stamp. These are also the years that Castello switched from machine made pipes that were hand finished to completely hand made pipes. (Sea Rock) [Carved unstained, ‘Natural color’]: The Natural Vergin is basically ‘just’ an unstained carved Sea Rock, and is the more difficult carved Castello pipe to acquire. Product no. Ever wonder where your pipe came from? Pre K grading. And don't forget, Castello does not cover the inside briar with a bowl coating. SKU: bb037 Categories: apple, Bent, Italy, Pipes, Pre-Smoked Pipes, Shape. Estimated Era: 1990s/2000s Made in Italy Pipe Weight: 2.4 Ounces Bowl Height: 2 1/4" Pipe Length: 6" Chamber Depth: 1 3/4" Chamber Diameter: 7/8" Availability: In Stock Price: $80.00 USD : Estate Pipe No. 1984 – 1985 Franco ( Kino ) Coppo takes over the running of the firm. There was an Antiquari (not Old Antiquari) that was also a Hollco import, and was fume top and rusticated. 1066 Castello Sea Rock Briar … I think it was only around for a couple of years. Castello pipes were started by Carlo Scotti in 1947, in Cantu, Italy. I posted this pipe in another thread on this site, but I may as post it here too. Most of the dating resources I find are inconclusive, and they vary from person to person as far as a solid way to date the pipes, which I must conclude is more Castello's fault than the pipe smoking community. X – stamped on pipe. Dicono di Noi; Shop on Line. In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s the company began the use of the K grading. Dimensioni: Diametro Interno 2,1 cm| chamber diameter | inch 0,82 Subject: Castello Sea Rock - trying to date Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:02 pm I purchased this estate Castello pipe, and need help with dating it. SA being the smallest and SS the largest. Categories "Castello" Aristocratica; BIG LINE; Collection; ... Sea Rock Briar KKKK mod. The Old Sea Rock and the Sea Rock co-existed. Amorelli Nuove; Ascorti Nuove; Castello Nuove; Dunhill Nuove; Il Ceppo Nuove ... Cod. Castello Sea Rock Briar, KK, Rusticated, Color: Black, punching Kino, Polished Rim, True in Acrylic, grafting to flock, without filter, Box with original pipe bag and warranty certificate. From new tobacco pipes and estate tobacco pipes to tin pipe tobacco and bulk pipe tobacco, we have everything you need. Each pipe is made by hand by one of six artisans from aged briar, with slab acrylic (in different colors) for stems with the tenons turned from the same piece of acrylic instead of a secondary tenon. Excellent Castello Sea Rock Briar in hard to find Canted Dublin shape 35. Kino ( in an oval ) $ 185.00. Indicates a “friendship” pipe. Get exclusive updates on all our fresh offerings, sales, and promotions -- right to your inbox. Excellent Castello Sea Rock Briar in hard to find Canted Dublin shape 35. Winning bid: US $170.50 [ 15 bids] Shipping: Calculate Varies based on location and shipping method. K grading begins. Out of stock. It means working only and exclusively the best briar, that is: extra-extra. Home » All Pipes » Italian Pipes » Castello Smoking Pipe Sea Rock KKKK Large Half Bent Selection Required: Select product options above before making new offer. Lower grades as Sea Rock, Old Antiquari or Trade Mark pipes are near impossible to date. The Sea Rock has an interesting treatment to the briar application on the stem that I really like. This Reg No has nothing to do with shape numbers, but is merely the Castello company trademark. Later the Reg No was added. A small, well-proportioned Castello "Sea Rock Briar" KKK Bulldog. It was born thanks to his intuition who, fascinated by the drafts that the erosion of the waves created on the rocks, wanted to transport them on the bowl of his pipes. Robert pointed out: “SEA ROCK [Carved Black or dark brown]: This is the lowest grade of the Castello line and is the most common in the USA. Stem logo’s. Castello Sea Rock Briar (Trade Mark) has been the first mark used by Carlo Scotti during his very first manufacture, since 1947. The Sea Rock was the very first finish introduced by Carlo Scotti when he opened the Castello factory in 1947. ICHIBAN DIPPER. Print . The upper case large K, was used for non smooth pipes to designate size. Hand made in Cantù – Italy. Castello Sea Rock Briar Early Registration # Zulu Freehand Smoking Pipe From PIPELIST.COM PIPEHUB.