Modulo di richiesta: deve riportare Nome, Cognome, data di nascita e codice fiscale, struttura e/o Medico richiedente nonché i dati clinici essenziali (ematuria, litiasi, precedenti neoplasie vescicali, urine da catetere, da ureterostomia, da vescica ileale).. Modulo Esame Citologico. 0000000015 00000 n We also wanted to explore the possibilities of combining the two novel methods, particularly in the analysis of erythrocytes, leukocytes, and glucose, which are of major clinical importance. endobj It therefore is advantageous to have a better estimation of the true concentration. The presence of haptoglobin in urine enhances the peroxidase activity of hemoglobin (29)(30). It must be noted, however, that the sensitivity (86%) may be inadequate for patients with known diabetes in whom physicians do not want to miss microalbuminuria in their annual testing. 0000016774 00000 n Citologia per espettorato. The correlation between WBC data (x) and leukocyte esterase measurements (y) is shown in Fig. Of course, the frequency of erroneous results depends on the proportion of pathologic samples and on the preanalytical handling of samples. Because RBCs tend to lyse in urine, we investigated the linearity of the hemoglobin test strip pad. Mendeley readers. Controlla la creatinina e Ph. This instrument offers the possibility to obtain reflectance readings. S. C. Medicina di Laboratorio MODULO RACCOLTA URINE 24 ORE Revisione n.0 del 27/08/2017 PROCEDURE PER LA RACCOLTA DELLE URINE NELLE 24 ORE 1. Esame delle urine: si cambia Published in: La Rivista Italiana della Medicina di Laboratorio, July 2017 DOI: 10.1007/s13631-017-0157-7: Authors: Rudi Ravasio, Giulia Previtali, Francesca Nembrini, Maria Grazia Alessio View on publisher site Alert me about new mentions. 0000029025 00000 n Two discrepancies (0.9%) were found in which the test strips on both automated strip readers overestimated the urinary albumin concentration by >10-fold. The UF-100 automatically detects and counts red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), bacteria, yeast cells, crystals, epithelial cells, small round cells, sperm cells, and casts. The detection limit of the URISYS 2400 protein assay was 25 mg/L if restricted to albumin alone and total protein was not considered. Bacterial peroxidases can also contribute to total peroxidase activity in urine (23). Additional dilution experiments were carried out. Correlation between RBC counts (x; flow cytometry) and test strip hemoglobin concentration (y) for RBC counts >25 × 106 cells/L (n = 96). The dashed lines represent the lower limit of detection (− − −) with the 2 SD limits (- - - -). No effect of conductivity on the leukocyte esterase field was noted. For full access to this pdf, sign in to an existing account, or purchase an annual subscription. ATTENZIONE: Con questo servizio si accede direttamente alla sala prelievi (per prelievo sangue o tamponi + eventuale campione biologico).Per la consegna di solo materiale biologico (urine, feci, liquido seminale, etc..) è necessario utilizzare il servizio "SALTA LA … o campione delle urine raccolte. We also found good agreement between the hexokinase-based glucose method (x) and glucose test strip reflectance reading (y): y (%) = 53.9 − 19.3 logx (mmol/L); Spearman r = −0.851; P <0.001. 2. (b) In addition, hemoglobin and leukocyte esterase reflectance data are useful for verifying flow cytometric data on RBCs and WBCs. The intensity of the reaction color of the test pad is detected by measuring the percentage of light reflected from the surface of the test pad. Screening and management of microalbuminuria in patients with diabetes mellitus: recommendations to the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Kidney Foundation from an ad hoc committee of the Council on Diabetes Mellitus of the National Kidney Foundation. 3. Modulo di prenotazione. Westgard JO. P values <0.05 were considered significant. This instrument offers th… (Accessed May 2002).. Froom P, Bieganiec B, Ehrenrich Z, Barak M. Stability of common analytes in urine refrigerated for 24 h before automated analysis by test strips. TEST DI MEARES. Because urinalysis test strips are often used for checking urinary flow cytometry data (11), there is a need for a more quantitative evaluation of urinalysis test strips. The protein test (n = 220) detected 86% (95% confidence interval, 78–92%) of samples with <30 mg/L albumin with a specificity of 84% (95% confidence interval, 76–91%). The lower limits of detection for erythrocytes and leukocytes were 8 × 106/L and 19 × 106/L, respectively. L’analisi del sedimento urinario valuta inoltre la presenza di cellule, cristalli e cilindri. Viene fornito il contenitore chiuso (capacità 3 litri) ed una provetta sottovuoto tappo bianco. Because of the procedure for applying the urine to the test strips on the URISYS 2400, improper dipping is no longer a problem, nor is confusion about sample identification or urine contamination caused by dipping the strip in the tube, which potentially leads to interferences with chromatographic methods (31). Modificato il 18 aprile 2017 . Ins Pagina 8 La documentazione di riferimento per l‟esecuzione dell‟esame urine dovrebbe comprendere una accurata descrizione della fase preanalitica, analitica e post-analitica. Contenitore pulito (es. Diagnostic accuracy was assessed by ROC analysis using commercially available statistical software (MedCalc®). Peele J, Gadsden R, Crews R. Semi-automated vs. visual reading of urinalysis dipsticks. In recent studies, the correlation (r) between UFC WBCs and WBCs by counting chamber was 0.93–0.98, and that of UFC RBCs and RBCs by counting chamber was 0.83–0.89 (10)(25)(26). Ce putem intelege din rezultatul acestei analize medicale: Nu este nici o problema grava acolo. Data are expressed in an ordinal scale (as “normal”, “negative”, “positive”, or as nominal concentrations) on the reports, but (quantitative) reflectance data can be downloaded to floppy disks. When monitoring our samples, we found a median pH of 6.5 (95% interval, 5–8). 3. Examen sumar de urină Ce este examenul sumar de urină? Leukocyte esterase reflectance (y; %) = 83.7 − 15.4 log(WBC count; 106 cells/L); Spearman r = −0.688; P <0.001. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. 2. stream Secrezioni mammarie. Per la raccolta delle urine delle 24 ore è necessario seguire scrupolosamente questa procedura: Il mattino del giorno d'inizio raccolta, scartare tutta l'urina della prima minzione mattutina, svuotando completamente la vescica nel WC. BREATH TEST. Recently, the URISYS 2400 automated urine test strip analyzer (Roche Diagnostics) was introduced. Istruzioni per esecuzione esame urine per idoneità sportiva agonistica • compilare questo modulo per l’accettazione del campione di urina (la provetta per l’esame potrà essere ritirata presso le sedi della Medicina dello Sport o acquistata in farmacia) 0000017558 00000 n Recently, the URISYS 2400 automated urine test strip analyzer (Roche Diagnostics) was introduced. Urine per esami di citologia urinaria Vignola. x��]��q�\t�I�W�(v�q.�'{G��|�#�*�|I��V*%�4��HJ�$W����0 z�=�K�,�'K%���h�t����~�dT2�q��nrƪ�����?>�N�dn�~�����9Nn�n���31�u����� s0��f�j�}��0o��ٹ�vV:L�n�nw�~t9G/�}�-��?���zk��v����e���;�9����~�Q�x���K�#�q�xf�����˃&��x�h]�w��vJ�>Z�ڇ�B~Wٺ��7����fZ�]��U�2�� ��n�n� This offers several possibilities: (a) The sensitivity for albumin may allow affordable screening for microalbuminuria, particularly in patients with undiagnosed renal damage. 0000016924 00000 n The reflectance value, expressed as a percentage within a range from 100% (white) to 0% (black), is therefore inversely related to the concentration of the analyte in the sample. Agreement between automated flow cytometry and test strip data was evaluated by Spearman rank analysis. TAMPONI URETRALI. ����,����bdm,�1"�Ql�m�[2ƥ+����M����}1��a4�Wrg��c�qE:�7輬M�-sx���L�+%{���^�" J�ك�M�Nm0�0�t���=Ƴ)׿1��?���L. (Insieme con il test viene fornito il contenitore urina da 90ml e un modulo in triplice copia).Questo Test Antidroga ha un sistema di stampa del risultato tramite il suo Strumento con software, oppure il risultato del test può essere anche scansionato o fotocopiato. Viene venduto in scatole da 25 pezzi. Langlois M, Delanghe J, Steyaert S, Everaert K, De Buyzere M. Automated flow cytometry compared with an automated dipstick reader for urinalysis. COME RACCOGLIERE LE URINE? Modulo di prenotazione. >> As is the case for test strips in general, the method is based on the so-called “indicator error” principle, in which proton exchange between the indicator on the strip and the proteins in the solution produces a color change from yellow to green-blue. 0000016642 00000 n Ce intelegem din rezultatul examenului de urina? 1. Agreement was fair between the flow cytometric RBC data (x) and the URISYS 2400 hemoglobin reflectance measurements (y) for counts above the upper reference limit (25 × 106 RBC/L on UF-100). Search for other works by this author on: Author for correspondence. The lower limit of detection (18) was calculated as the mean value − 3 SD for a blank sample. Results: Reproducibility of the reflectance signal was good for high- and low-concentration urine pools for protein (0.8% and 0.9% and 1.5% and 2.2% within and between runs, respectively), leukocyte esterase (1.1% and 1.0%; 5.1% and 1.2%), hemoglobin (1.7% and 1.1%; 8.9% and 1.1%) and glucose (2.1% and 0.5%; 6.5% and 2.3%). Correlation between protein (albumin) results obtained by quantitative test strip analysis (y) and albumin (x; Behring BN II Nephelometer; n = 220). 0000016847 00000 n Hemoglobin reflectance (y; %) = 78.2 − 19.4 log(RBC count; 106 cells/L); (Spearman r = −0.680; P <0.001. 0000007922 00000 n On the basis of ROC analysis, diagnostic sensitivity was 86% (95% confidence interval, 78–92%) and specificity was 84% (95% confidence interval, 76–91%) for a reflectance value of 55.6% when the nephelometric assay was used as the comparison method at a cutoff of 30 mg/L (n = 220; 113 positive and 107 negative cases, respectively). Flow cytometry has been introduced for urinalysis (9)(10) to obtain quantitative data on urinary particles. Does antihypertensive therapy protect the kidney in essential hypertension?. ESAME CITOLOGICO URINE Modulo da far compilare al paziente al momento della consegna dei campioni entile Signore/Signora, la disponibilità di alcune notizie cliniche è di grande aiuto per una corretta valutazione dell’indagine richiesta. Department of Clinical Chemistry University Hospital Ghent. It could be of special interest in patients with undiagnosed diabetes or hypertension in whom microalbuminuria is regarded as an excellent marker for assessing early renal damage (4)(5)(6)(7), particularly because many patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus are asymptomatic and their diabetic state remains undiagnosed for years (24). Test strip analysis plays an important role in urinalysis as such, and the value of test strip urinalysis as a screening method has been thoroughly demonstrated (1). Urin je ultrafiltrat plazme in ga tvorijo ledvice. endobj 14 0 obj 1. In contrast, conductivity showed a t-value of only 1.477 (P = 0.141). 0000000752 00000 n The correlation coefficient for the glucose signal with the routine hexokinase-based method was −0.851. Barrare la sede nella quale si effettua la visita Via Alessandrini, 6 Consegnare il presente modulo e la provetta con le urine (almeno 4 giorni lavorativi prima della visita) presso uno dei seguenti Centri Prelievo nei giorni e negli orari indicati. Pregled mokraćnog sedimenta tj. Per informazioni e/o chiarimenti rivolgersi a : segreteria U.O. 0000007964 00000 n On the other hand, the quantitative evaluation of test strips may help to eliminate analytical errors in RBC counting attributable to the presence of yeast cells or large amounts of calcium carbonate crystals (11)(15). The peroxidase-like activity of the hemoglobin-haptoglobin complex. 0000000868 00000 n Urine test strip analysis was performed with the automated URISYS 2400. Principio del test. All samples were completely processed within 2–4 h after arrival. 4 depicts the correlation between both measurement methods and the lower limit of detection of 0.17 mmol/L (CV = 1.3%) with the 2 SD limits. Combining diagnostic information provided by urinary flow cytometry and more quantitative test strip analysis therefore offers a theoretical basis for the development of diagnostic expert systems (11)(12). Articole Gratuite, Manopere - Recoltări probe microbiologice, Subiecte medicale. For WBCs, we found a lower limit of detection of 19 × 106 cells/L (CV = 1.2%). Screening school children for albuminuria, proteinuria and occult blood with dipsticks. 0000016556 00000 n Title: Microsoft Word - Note informative Sito CdC Rizzola.doc Author: pichetti Created Date: 3/18/2020 4:11:07 PM Quantitative determination of hemoglobin in urine. Test strip measurements had reasonable lower limits of detection for WBC (19 × 106/L). Istruzioni per la raccolta delle urine per l'esame delle 24 ore. <> (11) reported disagreement in erythrocyte counts between the UF-100 and the hemoglobin test strip reaction in 6.5% of cases. As is the case for WBCs, the lower limit of detection for RBCs is acceptable (8 × 106/L). It is known that reducing substances (e.g., ascorbic acid) may lower the signal, whereas oxidizing substances may have a positive effect on measured hemoglobin concentration. 0000016709 00000 n 0000017284 00000 n Title: Modulo Es Urine Unificato We found a close correlation between the log-transformed albumin results (x) and the test strip reflectance results (y): y (%) = 68.2 − 9.26[logx (mg/L)]; Spearman r = −0.825; P <0.001; Fig. Langlois et al. Campione richiesto: urina fresca raccolta al mattino, dopo aver scartata quella della notte. Particles that cannot be classified in one of the former categories are counted as “other cells”. Od krvi se razlikuje po tem, da ne vsebuje krvnih celic (eritrocitov, levkocitov, trombocitov) in makromolekularnih snovi – beljakovin. Nulla è dovuto a pagamento dell’esame urine se l’interessato è minorenne o disabile : se maggiorenne, il pagamento di tale esame è compreso nell’importo dovuto per la visita. Scaderi anormale. Gambke B, Kouri T, Kutter D, Nagel D, Schmid R, Scholer A. Miditron® multicenter evaluation. The two outer solid lines represent the 95% prediction interval around the regression line. Multiple regression analysis on the study population showed no effect of conductivity on test strip leukocyte esterase. Joris Penders, Tom Fiers, Joris R Delanghe, Quantitative Evaluation of Urinalysis Test Strips, Clinical Chemistry, Volume 48, Issue 12, 1 December 2002, Pages 2236–2241, Specific gravity (refractometry based) and clarity are measured in a flow cell, and color is rated with a specific algorithm against the blank pad on the test strip. Because microalbuminuria is generally regarded as an excellent marker for assessing early renal damage in common conditions such as diabetes and hypertension (4)(5)(6)(7) and as an early predictor of preeclampsia during pregnancy (8), the availability of highly sensitive test strip readers opens interesting perspectives for assessing this phenomenon. Najčešće hemijske analize su analize na proteine, šećer, ketonska tela, urobilinogen, bilirubin i nitrite. endobj Access to the instrument’s raw data theoretically allows a higher analytical sensitivity for several analytes. Methods: We compared URISYS 2400 (Roche) quantitative reflectance data with data from the UF-100 (Sysmex) and biochemical data for 436 nonpathologic and pathologic urine samples. MODULO DI RICHIESTA ESAMI CITOLOGIA ED ISTOLOGIA via Ettore Majorana 10 - 25020 Flero (BS) - T. 030.6950238 - F. 030.6950239 - P.IVA 03005430982 CITOLOGIA [ ] Esame Citologico Singola Lesione 3034 [ ] Esame Citologico Midollo + Emocromo 3035 [ ] Esame Citologico LCR + Chimico Fisico 3036 [ ] Esame Citologico Liquido Da Versamento 3037 Urina este un produs biologic care joacă un rol important în diagnosticul clinic, fiind obținută prin procedee neinvazive. 0000017589 00000 n To fully explore the possibilities of the albumin test pad in first-line diagnosis, a formal study should be performed. The results are displayed in scattergrams, histograms, and as counts per microliter as well as counts per high-power field. bicchiere di plastica monouso). 0000029149 00000 n Kouri T, Kähkönen U, Malminiemi K, Vuento R, Rowan M. Evaluation of Sysmex UF-100 urine flow cytometer vs chamber counting of supravitally stained specimens and conventional bacterial cultures. Evaluation of the Sysmex UF-100 automated urinalysis analyzer. It has been extensively evaluated for urinalysis (9)(10)(11)(15) as well as for cerebrospinal fluid analysis (16). xref Delanghe JR, Kouri TT, Huber AR, Hannemann-Pohl K, Guder WG, Lun A, et al. Predicting diabetic nephropathy [Letter]. This is stable for 30 days when stored tightly capped at 2–8 °C. Ultimo aggiornamento: 19 Luglio 2019 Condividi. Fig. Higher correlations were observed for biochemical and test strip data comparing protein and albumin (r = −0.825) and glucose data (r = −0.851). Day-to-day imprecision was assessed with control material: Liquichek Urinalysis Control Levels 1 and 2 (Bio-Rad). Pugia MJ, Lott JA, Kajima J, Saambe T, Sasaki M, Kuromoto K, et al. 0000007901 00000 n Orsonneau JL, Douet P, Massoubre C, Lustenberger P, Bernard S. An improved pyrogallol red-molybdate method for determining total urinary protein. The UF-100 flow cytometer automatically determines the conductivity, so we performed multiple regression analysis on the study population, calculated in a regression model the hemoglobin reflectance vs RBCs and conductivity, and found that the t-value (as expected) for RBCs was −8.442 (P <0.0001). Van Acker J, Delanghe J, Langlois M, Taes Y, De Buyzere M, Verstraete G. Automated flow cytometric analysis of cerebrospinal fluid. Rodico J. Background: Urine test strip results are generally reported in categories (i.e., ordinal scaled), but automated strip readers are now available that can report quantitative data. 1. In this study, we wanted to investigate the performance of quantitative urinary test strip analysis. The two outer solid lines represent the 95% prediction interval around the regression line. 059/21.34.280, nelle Examenul de urina este un test de diagnostic si ajuta la identificarea substantelor si a materialului celular din urina, asociate cu diferite tulburari metabolice si renale. Urine puternic acide (pH < 4,5) se produc in procesele maligne (are loc distrugerea crescuta de proteine), febra, diaree abundenta, acidoza diabetica sau metabolica. Various low- and high-molecular mass inhibitors have been found in urine (28)(29). This could improve level 1 urinary screening (12): it offers an improved, fast, reliable method that is easy to handle and usable in primary-care laboratories. Prendere nota dell'ora (ad esempio ore 7). Viberti GC, Jarrett RJ, Wiseman MJ. 0000017620 00000 n Of all the diagnostically relevant urinary markers, only albumin and transferrin accept protons well, so the potential error of missing Bence Jones proteinuria remains when test strip screening strategies are used in proteinuria (21), although many cases presenting with Bence Jones or tubular proteinuria show microalbuminuria (23). Test strip urinalysis was carried out before flow cytometry analysis (Sysmex UF-100; TOA Medical Electronics), using URISYS strips on a URISYS 2400 analyzer (Roche Diagnostics). Per effettuare l’esame urine compilare il presente modulo in ogni sua parte IN STAMPATELLO:!"!" The reproducibility of (semi)automated readings is at least as good as visual readings (2), but most authors find the analytical, clinical, and labor cost-saving advantages of (semi)automated vs visual reading to be obvious (3). Bonnardeaux A, Somerville P, Kaye M. A study on the reliability of dipstick urinalysis. Modulo di prenotazione. The dashed lines represent the lower limit of detection (− − −) with the 2 SD limits (- - - -). The within- and between-run CVs for protein, leukocyte esterase, hemoglobin, and glucose are summarized in Table 1. La provetta contenente le prime urine della mattina deve essere portata e consegnata dall'utente o da suo? Mattenheimer H, Adams EC. <]/Prev 39925>> It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide, This PDF is available to Subscribers Only. 0000028490 00000 n The two outer solid lines represent the 95% prediction interval around the regression line. A lower limit of detection of 8 × 106 cells/L (CV = 1.2%) was calculated. When urinary WBC counts were higher than the upper reference limit (25 × 106 cells/L), the following regression equation was obtained: y (%) = 83.7 −15.4 logx (106 cells/L); Spearman r = −0.688; P <0.001. Ce intelegem din rezultatul examenului de urina? Similarly, protein reflectance data and total protein measurements correlated well (Spearman r = −0.921; P <0.001), which is expected as long as the major protein is albumin. Istruzioni per esecuzione esame urine per idoneità sportiva agonistica Compilare il modulo sotto allegato necessario per l'accettazione del campione di urina . Fax 32-9-240-4985; e-mail, © 2002 The American Association for Clinical Chemistry, This article is published and distributed under the terms of the Oxford University Press, Standard Journals Publication Model (, Cardiovascular Disease in Women: Understanding the Journey, Giant Magnetoresistive Nanosensor Analysis of Circulating Tumor DNA Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutations for Diagnosis and Therapy Response Monitoring, Inflammation in Atherosclerosis—No Longer a Theory, Assessment of multiplex digital droplet RT-PCR as a diagnostic tool for SARS-CoV-2 detection in nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva samples, The IFCC Clinical Application of Cardiac Biomarkers Committee’s Appraisal of the 2020 ESC Guidelines for the Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes in Patients Presenting Without Persistent ST-segment Elevation: Getting Cardiac Troponin Right, Clinical Chemistry Guide to Scientific Writing, Clinical Chemistry Guide to Manuscript Review,,, Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic, Copyright © 2021 American Association of Clinical Chemistry. Richiesta di esame urine completo per idoneità sportiva agonistica (Cod.esenzione I01) PER ACCETTAZIONE e CONSEGNA CAMPIONE (Compilare IN STAMPATELLO il presente modulo con i dati dell’atleta) Cognome_____Nome_____ 0000017492 00000 n startxref Fair agreement was obtained between UF-100 and test strip reflectance data for erythrocytes and hemoglobin (r = −0.680) and leukocytes and leukocyte esterase (r = −0.688). As shown by our multiple regression model and dilution experiments, the hemoglobin field reflectance test is not influenced by dilution effects. urine delle successive 24 ore, comprese quelle delle ore 7.00 del mattino successivo; durante tutto il periodo di raccolta mantenere il contenitore chiuso in luogo fresco e su superficie sicura, rigorosamente al buio e avvolto in carta stagnola, lontano dalla portata The principle is based on argon laser flow cytometry. Liquido seminale per citologia. Because microalbuminuria is characterized by large intraindividual variability, an ordinal-scale answer might be misleading. 0000017717 00000 n Van Acker J, Verstraete A, Van Hamme M, Delanghe J. Falsely increased urinary caffeine attributable to contamination by urine test strips. We studied 436 freshly collected urine samples submitted to our routine laboratory for diagnostic urinalysis. The ratio of hemoglobin reflectance to RBC count was constant when osmolality was >190 mosmol/L. mikroskopski pregled taloga koji se … Conclusions: In urine test strip analysis, quantitative hemoglobin and leukocyte esterase reflectance data are complementary with flow cytometric results and glucose and albumin results. Glucose was measured by a hexokinase method standardized against Standard Reference Material 917a and Standard Reference Material 965 (n = 85), and total protein by a pyrogallol red method (17) (n = 129) with Standard Reference Material 917a as a standard and commercially available reagents for both measurement procedures (Roche) on a Modular P system (Roche). Glucose reflectance (y; %) = 53.9 − 19.3 log(glucose; mmol/L); Spearman r = −0.851; P <0.001). • Inserire il codice esame (ECU ) e il codice richiedente 6650. We investigated the possible use of these meters to complement flow cytometry of urine and compared reflectance readings with quantitative determinations of urinary glucose and microalbumin. /Contents 17 0 R L’esame di analisi delle urine (ECMU: Esame Chimico Morfologico Urine) è un comune test di screening, non invasivo per il paziente poiché è necessario un campione delle urine che dev’essere raccolto in un contenitore sterile per la raccolta delle urine. The reproducibility of urinalysis using multiple reagent test strips. Correlation between glucose measurements (glucose concentration different from 0) by the hexokinase-based method and glucose test strip reading (n = 85). The dashed lines represent the lower limit of detection (− − −) with the 2 SD limits (- - - -). In our study correlating test strip data with urinary flow results, r was −0.69 between the flow cytometric WBC count and the leukocyte esterase reaction, although the presence of esterase inhibitors in urine and severe proteinuria might negatively affect test results for leukocyte esterase (1)(27). • Applicare a lato un’etichetta con il codice a barre. questionario per l’esecuzione dell’esame citologico dell’urina (DA CONSEGNARE ASSIEME AI CAMPIONI RACCOLTI) QUESTO ESAME E’ STATO RICHIESTO DA: 17 0 obj Opis fizičkih i fizičko-hemijskih karakteristika mokraće: izgled, boja, miris, reakcija i specifična težina. Combur 10-Test M strips on a Miditron automated reflectance photometer (Roche) (13)(14), used in our routine laboratory, were used in parallel as a control. Esame urine completo CHE MATERIALE SERVE PER LA RACCOLTA? Nissell H, Kublickas M, Lunnell NO, Petterson E. Renal function in gravidas with chronic hypertension with and without superimposed preeclampsia. 14 22 Deferrari G, Repetto M, Calvi C, Ciabattoni M, Rossi C, Robaudo C. Diabetic nephropathy: from micro- to macroalbuminuria. ECLM. trailer The following regression equation was obtained: y (%) = 78.2 −19.4 logx (106 cells/L); Spearman r = −0.680; P <0.001; Fig. The two outer solid lines represent the 95% prediction interval around the regression line. Multiple regression analysis was used to investigate a model relating leukocyte esterase and hemoglobin field reflectance.